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Questions about individual Travelling in the Dominican Republic

You have got questions about the Dominican Republic? I will try to answer them if I can. Please enter your questions about the Dominican Republic in the form below.

Here you can read the questions that we got send:
My husband and I are traveling to the Punta Cana for a family members wedding.
I do not have a passport neither does my husband.
Will this create a problem upon entering and leaving the country.
Question 10.07.2004:
since the floods in the dominican (haiti) is the malaria still considered low risk Answer: malaria risk
Question 01.07.2004:
Could I please get the address, number and fax for the companies listed below?
  • Barcelo
  • J Armando Bermudez & Co.
  • Macorix They are all distilleries, the names might be different
    Thank you in advance

    Answer: rum company

    Question 27.06.2004 problems without a passport:
    My husband and I will be traveling to Puerto Plata next month for our vacation and we have been told so many different things about the need of a passport. Will we need a passprt for entry or can we enter with just a drivers license & birth certificate? Will we be able to leave with out any problems with out a passport? Thank you for your help, Lisa Avery
    Answer: Passport
    Question 24.06.2004 about about Brugal :
    "I just read your letter on the Brugal bottle factory ... do you have the adress???? Telephon number or anything?
    I would be very interested. Thank you "
    Answer: More about Brugal
    Question 22.06.2004 about tropical Goleta Beach or Fun Clubs Cabarete :
    "Hello, i am flying to the dominican republic in october. Can you tell me were I can find informations about hotels and reviews? I have two choices, Tropical Goleta Beach or Fun Clups (Royal/Tropical) would be nice if you could help me. Thanks Ela "
    Answer: Goleta Beach
    Question 21.06.2004 about Marriage in the Dominican Republic :
    "Can you tell me if there are hotels in the Dominican Republic that organise marriages? Thanks! "
    Answer: Marriage in the Dominican Republic
    Question 19.06.2004 about the Tourist Card :
    "Can we buy the tourist card on the internet?"
    Answer: Tourist card
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