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Food&Drinks in the Dominican Republic

Taino Indians, Spanish people, african slaves and immigrants have invented the dominican Style of Cooking.
A tradiotional domincan food has got lots of carbon hydrates and starch. The recipes are not very complicate, but they contain everything that a Dominican can get from his garden, and they add chicken or fish to it.
Many different foods have their origin in the Taino Indio people.
Taino-Yucabread (Casabe) tastes great and you can get it everywhere. It is made out of Maniok flour anf is filled with meat.

The Dominican kitchen is heartly, they love spices and they use different spices that are called the sazones. They also add Soja Sauces and sazones liquidos.

Beans and rice (aroz) with different disks, for example bananas (tostones) or the Maniok root Yukka are the basis for most meals.

The national meal banders domincana, whos colours should remind of the dominican flag ist made up of rice with red beans, pig meat, maniok, sweat potatoes and bananas. After the meal there is the need for a great rum, I would recommend you an "Extra Viejo" from Brugal.

The kreolian meat mix sancocho (or salcocho) is made up of pig or chicken meat and everything else that you can find in the house. If there is a holidy there is also sancocho prieto, a meat mix of seven different meats that is made different depending on the region.

The dominican Version of the spanish Paella (without the fruits of the ocean) is called locrio. A cheap and popular meal is asopado, a thick chicken soup with tomates, pepper and rice.

In the comedores (simple restaurants) they often offer chicharrones de pollo, thats chicken meat that has had time to become good for 2 hours in oregano,soja sauce and citron juice.

If you are in the Dominican Republic you should also try out the pastelones or empandes, pasteles, Yukka balls and yaniqueques. You can also get fresh sea fruits that are called cazuela de mariscos.

If you like desserts and sweets you should try out a mixture of beans, sweat potatoes, kokos meat and condens milk (habichuelas con dule) a tradional meal during the "Karwoche".

If you have finished eating and trying everything you should not forget the carribean rum: Barcelo,Bermudez,Brugal. Finished sorts you drink pr, younger Rum you get mixed as Cuba libre with Cola or pina colada (with ananas juice and kokos milk.

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Pina Colada I Dominican Breeze
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