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Riu Merengue: Travel Report RIU Meringue Maimon in Puerto Plata

Normally I'm not a typical all inclusive traveller, but a friend of mine that works in the travel sector has invited me to a 10 day long Holiday in the RIU Meringue Maimon in Puerto Plata. I was sure that I wouldn't like it very much but the days I spent there soon changed my mind. The hotel complex is located in a very nice bay that is just 10km away from Puerto Plata. Three RIU Hotels are located in this complex of the RIU Meringue, the RIU Mambo and the RIU Bachata. All three hotels are linked together so you take your meals and drinks at anytime in any of these three hotels. The only exclusion from this was the dinner, because they gave us a place and time. From 18-30 to 20 or from 20-30 to 22 o'clock are the dinner times.

But you can use the bars in the hotels; there are very many drinks there. There are not as usually in all inclusive hotels nameless, tasteless drinks, but I found my loved Brugal Rum there, it was the Anejo, and another thing that is quite unusual even out of the hotel, president beer from the cask. The beach is great, you don't have to fight for your place and the water is great for children.

Because I know Puerto Plata quite well and don't like the regular evening programme, that was nevertheless created well, we went to Puerto Plata in the evening. You just leave the hotel complex and wait for a publico or a guagua. The cars are not in a really good estate, but it is much cheaper then the taxi. From the hotel you have to take Maimon Puerto Plata.

The cars drive until the Central Parc where you can buy a lot of different things during the day; casa Nelson is a shop store where you can buy things of daily use quite cheap. We often went during the day but what really interested us was the nightlife. Javillas is the name of the station, if you tell the driver to stop there he lets you get out there. We went the street on the left where there is a Car wash. In the Dominican Republic there is always an open bar with loud music next to the car wash stations.

We got there some evenings, danced Bachata and buyed Servicos. A service is a little bottle of rum and a bottle of cola, sprite or seven up with ice.

With the best Rum in the world and the best music on the world you can float freely in your thoughts, but it is hard to talk because the music is quite loud.
You watch the Dominicans at dancing and dance yourself, the woman's always accept to dance with you because they really like to dance. After 2 hours of drinking, watching and dancing we went to the nightclub Babylon. You can walk there or you drive with a Motoconcho for 10 pesos.

The Babylon is located near the streets, and is forbidden to smoke there, there are mostly men and the waitress that have strip shows in the late hours of the day.

But you can surely also have fun if you are a woman, you can dance and drink there. In the late night you have to watch out how to come back to your RIU hotel because they recognized us as hotel guest because they wanted more money, you have to buy a whole bus for yourself. If its only 7 pm you have to pay 20 pesos per person, at late night the driver want around 200 pesos, and we paid 150 and it was okay with him. Then it was wonderful to be in the hotel bed and sleep with nice Bachata sounds still in your ears. I found out that you can connect a stay in the RIU Meringue with individualism, and I recommend you to try this out, because there are also special prices in the travel agencies, just ask there. I wish you a lot of fun with your next holiday in the RIU Meringue Maimon in the Dominican Republic.

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