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Sitemap Infos about the Dominican Republic

Main Information about the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic takes up the eastern part of the Antille-Island Hispaniola. The neighbour in the west is Haiti, in the north there is the Atlantic Ocean, in the east and south you can see the Carribean Ocean. The Area of the Dominican Republic is about 48 422 km and there are about 7,3 Million inhabitants that are living on the island.


  • Santo Domingo (Capital) has about 2,4 million inhabitants (with surrounding suburbs)
  • Santiago de los Caballeros 850 000 I.,
  • La Romana ~102 000 I.,
  • San Pedro de Macoris ~120 000 I.,
  • San Francisco de Macoris ~70 000 I.,
  • Concepcion de la Vega ~ 53 000 I.

    Spanish, but in Tourist hotels and centres they also speak English.

    1st, 6th. 21th and 26. of January, 27. february, the whole week of Easter is not suitable for business trips), 1th of May, 16. August, 24 of september and 25. and 26. december

    MEZ minus 5 hours, during the european summertime its -6 hours.

    On the whole island there is a tropical climate. The hot and humit coast climate is made milder through the coastal winds and is therefore nice. The hottest time is from May until October, where it has around 30 to 35 degree during the day with a high air humidity. From Mai till october there is the rain peroid at the southern coast with short but heavy rainfalls. On the northern coast the rain peroid lasts from Novemver until March. The average temperature during the winter months (Dry Period) is about 24 to 28 degrees.

    During the whole year I would recommend light and easy washable clothes that can breath well, because it is very hot. In the time November until February in the evenings and for rooms with air conditionung you should also have some Pullovers. During the whole year you should have Rain and Sun Protection. Pullover and Jackets are also recommendend if u would like to take a tour in the mountains of the Dominican Republic (Pico Duarte 3085 meters high)

    Holiday regions:
    In the northwest-Puerto Plata,Playa Dorada in the North-Sosua,Cabarete in the North-East/ Peninsula Samana-Samana,Sanchez,las Terrenas,Playa Bonita in the southeast-Bavaro,Punta Cana in the South-Boca Chica,Juan Dolia Inland northeastern from Santo Domingo-La Romana/Higuey very interesting offers in the TUI.

    10% Service money and about 8% taxes are added to the check in the restaurants. They expect around 10% as a tip. It is usally to give a tip for all sorts of service. TAXI: You can get the best taxies if you ask at the hotels. Before you start your taxi tour you have to agree on a price with the driver. In the larger cities there are also bigger taxies that drive like buses on fixed routes, and are called "Guaguas".

    Opening Times:br> Bancs: Normally Monday until Friday 8:30-15 o'clock Government instituions: Mo till Friday 7:30 until 14-30 o'clock other offices: some 8-12,14-18, some from 8-17 o'clock

    110/120 Volt,60 Hz, american plugs. You need adapters.

    Tap Water:
    You can't drink the tapwater, you can buy drink water everywhere.

    The own Currency of the Dominican Republic is the Dominican Peso. When you move in and out of the country don't take money in the lands currency with you!

    Foreign currencies:
    It is possible to take foreign currencies into the country, but you need a kind of Declaration, I would recommend US-Dollar Traveller-cheques. You can take your many back home minus the money you have changed into pesos. Attention: Only 30% of the changed Pesos can be rechanged in Foreign Currency, you need changing vouchers from the Dominican Banc.

    International Credit Cards:
    They are accepted in many hotels and shops.

    1 Dominican Peso R.D. is 100 Centavos.

    Foreign exchange rate

    You risk to get a very high money or prison punishment if even smallest amounts of drugs are found.

    Entry Rules for Germans:
    German citizen don't need a Visum if they only stay for 90 days. If you enter the Dominican Republic you have to buy a tourist card for 10 US-Dollar. You need to have a pass-port that is still valid at least 3 months. Only in special cases they accept the entry only with a personal card, because its illegal. So you should always have a pass-port with you. At the entry they accept kids card, from the 10th year onwards the card must have a photo, when you have reached 16 years of age you need a passport. There are no vacations you have to make so that you can entry. If you leave the country yo have to pay a airport tax of 20 Dollar. Some Airlines already include this fee in their prices.
    The Entry rules can be changed without informing the embassy. If you need further information about the Entry Rules you contact the embassy of the Dominican Republic
    Dessauer Str. 28-29, 109 63 Berlin,
    Tel.: (030) 257 5776-0, Fax: (030) 2575776-1.

    You can take things that you need for you personally without paying taxes at the custom, so for example clothes, shoes, jewelry, Food,Drinks...
    Furthermore you can take your camera, typewriter or Laptop custom free if you guarantee that you take them back home with you. Custom free for persons older than 16 years:
    200 cigarettes or one box of cigarres ( amount of cigarres according the time you stay in the Dominican Republic)
    1 opened bottle of Spiritouse, max value 5 Dollar
    2 opened parfums
    You can also take gifts with you that do not exceed a maximum value of 100 Dollars.
    Restrictions: It is forbidden to take Food like meat,cheese, and fresh vegetables or fruits.
    The possesion of drugs is punished with severe money or prison.

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