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Rum Brugal in Puerto Plata

Brugal in Puerto Plata: botteling factory of Brugal in Puerto Plata

I was in the botteling factory of Brugal in Puerto Plata.
We just planed to ask if we could try out the unico, but this was not possible because this was only selt at the airport, but the tour was nevertheless interesting.
We went from Sosua to Caro Publico to the door of the Brugal Factory.
We weren't that shure if we just make a visit. At the door the Watschie man explained the route, first lefts and then right and we would see the shop.
Then we just ran over the factory place, which is surely impossible in Germany, and there were some guides in front of the factory that asked us in which language we wanted the tour.
We were surprised that they actually were prepared for visitors, we choose German as a language and said yes.
It was very interesting to hear some different facts and 95% of the Rum Production is drunk in the Dominican Republic, mainly tourists. I also like that sort of rum;-)

Then we could get up a stair and went into a film room were we saw a short film about the history of Brugal and the production of Rum. The film was in Spanish but we could understand it quite well.
Then we could see the production. In puerto plata the rum is only botteled. On a platform we could look at it, but that was not really very interesting.
The whole tour with film and platform took us about fifteen minutes, and we looked at the shop were there were a lot of things with the companay name Brugal printed on it.
I bought some T-Shirts for 120 Pesos and a Brugal cap for 80 peso. Then I also bought 4 bottles of Siglo de Oro for 750 pesos (about 15 ?uro) per bottele.
With the guide we had an intereseting conversation because he wanted to improve his german and wanted to learn some flirt tricks for german women, we liked it to help him.
There was also Rum to drink there for free, but I can't remeber the name and got drink after 5 drinks.

On the other side of the street we waited for a caro publico but it was hard to find because they start full from the Hospital in Puerto Plata and are still full in Brugal. But we were lucky and a bigger bus came.

That was the visit of Brugal in Puerto Plata. Many tourists are offered this tour for 20 dollars or more and they say its only possible to get there with a group.

We also thought that but we always try and ask and so we got this possibility for free with free Rum.

If anybody has furter questions or needs something just mail me your questions about the Dominican Republic.

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