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Tourist Card

tourist card for Entry in the Dominican Republic for 10 US Dollar

You can buy the tourist card for Entry in the Dominican Republic at the airport if you are travelling as an individual for 10 US Dollar.
If you can buy the tourist card on the internet I don't know, but many travel agencies hand out Tourist cards with the other information, you can also reserve one at the embassy.

The cheapest way is to buy the tourist card at the airport for 10 US Dollars. For Europeans there is also the possbility to buy the card for 10 uros.

If you have bought the tourist card for 10 US Dollars, everybody fills out the tourist card..but we are in the Dominican Republic, and one of the rules of the Dominicans is that everything is possible in the dominican republic, or, as they see: Todo es possible en ese pais.

Thats also true for the tourist card, because actually nobody cares if you have filled out the card, only the 10 Dollar fee for the entry are important.
We found this out for the first them in the year 2002 when wo took a flight to Punta Cana. When we were there we went to waiting line were there were a lot of people waiting for the passport control. We had no pens to fill out the form we asked for a pen. But the dominican officer wasn't interested, he just took us by the hand and brought us to a free place and told us that it was unimportant to fill out the tourist card at all. He finished our passport control.

There are two parts of the card, one is for the officer and the other one is put into the passport. You have to take care of this part when you leave the country, if its filled out its not important.

Since this event we are always slightly amused by the tourists that fill out their cards when we went to switches without having filled out the card.

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