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Sitemap Infos about the Dominican Republic

Some Infos about the Dominican Republic and the island Hispanola

Playa Sosua

Really fascinating Palm beaches and a warm climate througout the whole year, thats what many nord europeans dream of for a holiday place. Some years ago the second greatest republic of the Carribean Archipel was not know to tourists. In the meantime there is not one big travel agency that doesn't offer the Dominican Republic.

The reasons for this are clear, because there is enough Sun,Sand and Ocean for everyone. Another very important aspect is the price which you have to pay to get there, because its far lower than too other places in the Carribean. So its not a great surprise that the Republic in the eastern Part of Hispanola has become the "Gran Canaria" of the Carribean.

Even though it is a very nice place for tourists it is not crowded. Its exactly the opposite, because the touristic centres only are at very few places and the fourits don't show any interest to move from them. Maybe they are right in doing that, because the Dominican Republic hasn't got a lot of cultural sights, except from San Domingo.

In contrast to the few cultural sights the nature offers a great variety. For example the most fertile valley, and the biggest dry lands, the highest mountain and the lowest flatland, the biggest sea, very many national parcs and last but not least, the longest palm beaches of the whole Carribean.


Pico Duarte

When Columbus found the island during his first journey he named it "La Espaniola" because it remined him of the land of the people who sponsored him. In the meantime the geographical term is "La Hispaniola". The western part, which makes up one third of the island, is Haiti, and the rest of the Land is called the Dominican Republic. There are some mountain chains that reign the Landscape and the climate on the island. The biggest is the Cordillera Central, that is located from east to west, and as the name say, it is located in the Middle. The highest point, the Pico Duarte, which is named after Juan Pablo Duarte, who was a fighter for freedom and thorugh whom the land has gained his independence, has a height of 3175 meters. In the north the chain leads to the Cibao Valley and it rises again to the coast which is called Septentrional. Its mainly rock that has got bizarre forms due to wind, rain and heat. You can also find "Bernstein" in this Region, thats why the region is called Costa del Ambar. In this region there are the most important places for tourists: Puerta Plata, Playa Dorada, Sosua and Cabarete.

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